Hialeah 1Hialeah is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is currently home to a population of over 231,000 residents. The city is the sixth-largest city in the state of Florida and is a major part of the Miami metropolitan area, also known as Greater Miami. Hialeah is interesting in that its population is 74% Cuban and Cuban-American, the highest concentration in the United States; this has a direct impact on the local culture of the city. Hialeah is also the largest Spanish-speaking city in the United States; 92% of Hialeah residents speak Spanish at home, and the city itself thrives on the language. This has prompted several major companies, including Spanish-language television station Telemundo, to relocate to Hialeah. Hialeah, despite its size, is still one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Florida, as it has been for much of its life.

Basic Facts About Hialeah

  • Current population: 231,900
  • Current mayor: Carlos Hernandez
  • Total area: 19.7 sq mi
  • Located in: Miami-Dade County
  • Founded in: 1925 (incorporated)
  • Area codes: 305, 786

Tips for Auto Transport to Hialeah

Hialeah is a major suburb of Miami, and sits just northwest of the city itself. This is important – its location near Miami makes it more popular with carriers, as it sits right outside the main downtown core and is a major part of the metropolitan area itself. This makes it easier for shippers to get into and out of the area and also makes it easier for you to arrange auto transport in and out of Hialeah – the close proximity, high population and ease of access all combine to make for a popular and low-cost auto transport location.

It helps that Interstate 95, the main north-south interstate that services eastern Florida and the eastern seaboard in its entirety, runs right through eastern Hialeah, allowing easy access for auto shippers to get in and out of the town. This gives auto shippers an easy way into and out of many areas of Hialeah, and it also helps that Highway 27, which serves much of the northwestern parts of the Miami metro area, runs right through Hialeah on its way into Miami proper too, giving auto shippers more than one way in and out of the city.

Talk to a representative about ways to save time and money shipping to Hialeah. As a part of the Miami metro area, you’ll likely find good rates across the board during any time of the year, as many people move down to Hialeah during the winter months to take advantage of the mild winter weather in comparison to the cold and snowy winters up north. These customers, called snowbirds, help keep demand in and out of Florida high during the slow shipping season, which also helps to keep prices lower.

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Hialeah Zip Codes Include:

33002, 33010, 33011, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33017, 33018