Fernandina Beach 1Fernandina Beach is a city located in northeastern Florida, in Nassau County, and is currently home to over 11,400 residents; it is also the county seat of Nassau County. Fernandina Beach is one of the most northern cities in the state of Florida and basically marks the unofficial northeastern boundary of the Greater Jacksonville area. Fernandina Beach is one of the oldest continually-inhabited municipalities in the state of Florida and is also the only city to have flown eight different flags, which is why Fernandina Beach is also known as the “Isle of Eight Flags.” Fernandina Beach was the last settlement to be settled under the “Laws of the Indies,” which was the Spanish creed dictating how to govern, control and live in overseas colonies away from the Spanish Crown.

Basic Facts About Fernandina Beach

  • Current population: 11,400
  • Current mayor: Ed Boner
  • Total area: 10.7 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.fbfl.us/
  • Located in: Nassau County
  • Founded in: 1784
  • Zip codes: 32034-32035
  • Area codes: 904

Auto Transport Tips to and from Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is located well north of the city of Jacksonville proper, which can make it more difficult for auto transportation companies to get into and out of the area. Located on Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach is not the easiest city to access, even for regular motorists; it requires traveling along several state highways away from Jacksonville, where the people are, which can raise prices and may also deter some auto shippers from actually going to Fernandina Beach proper; switching your pickup or delivery location to Jacksonville may save you money.

Of course, Jacksonville is still a popular auto transport location, which generally means faster pickup times and lower prices. During the fall and winter is typically when prices are lowest, since it’s snowbird season. Snowbirds are customers that live in the southern states during the winter and the northern states in the summer, to avoid the most brutal extremes of each season. Snowbirds are a driving force during the winter season, and some carriers serve snowbird routes exclusively due to the high traffic. This is generally a great time to get quotes to and from Fernandina Beach and the rest of the Jacksonville metro area.

At the end of the day you’ll want to speak to a live auto transport professional about your shipment. They can tell where carriers are, where they’re coming and going, and how expensive it’ll be to ship to and from Fernandina Beach, but also more than that; they can also compare prices in and out of other areas in the Jacksonville metro area, if price is your concern, or if you’re pressed for time and need faster pickup. Make sure to fill out our free online quote form; you’ll get multiple quotes e-mailed to you from reliable, professional auto transport companies, and you can also call us at 800-930-7417 for help or if you have questions or concerns.

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