Davie 1Davie is a town located in Broward County, Florida. Home to over 92,000 residents, it is the largest municipality that has the “town” moniker attached to it (as opposed to city), and is the third-largest town by population in the United States. Davie is a part of the Miami metropolitan area and was first settled in the early 20th century. Originally named Zona, the town was renamed and incorporated in 1925 after R.P. Davie, a developer who helped drain some of the surrounding swampland and bought 27,000 acres in and around the settlement, to be used for development of a town. Davie was reincorporated in 1960 as the Town of Davie. Today, Davie is known as a major college town in the Miami metro area; it has seven different college and university campuses located within the city limits.

Basic Facts About Davie

  • Current population: 92,000
  • Current mayor: Judy Paul
  • Total area: 35.7 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.davie-fl.gov/
  • Located in: Broward County
  • Founded in: 1925 (first incorporation)
  • Zip codes: 33312, 33314, 33317, 33324-33332, 33355
  • Area codes: 754, 954

Auto Transport Tips to and from Davie

Davie sits a bit southwest of Fort Lauderdale and a bit south of Plantation, along the Florida Turnpike and the Sunpass Toll Road. As both of those roads are toll roads, auto shippers prefer to not travel along them if they can help it, which means Davie will likely be more expensive than other cities in the Miami metropolitan area to ship to and from. While the cost of the toll roads likely won’t add too much to your overall price, its location and lack of easy access definitely will.

You can mitigate this by moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere along Interstate 95, which services much of the Miami metro area and is situated much closer to the east coast than Davie is. Fort Lauderdale is a great example – located a bit east of Davie, but still easily accessible, it’s a prime location for auto shippers because there are a lot of people moving in and out of the city, it’s easily accessible for shippers as well as customers, and it’s a big city located on a major interstate.

These factors will likely lead to a lower price, if only by a small amount. When shipping on a budget, though, every little bit helps. Of course, Davie is still going to be cheaper to ship to than other parts of the country because it’s prime snowbird territory. Snowbirds are customers that live in Florida during the winter and the northern parts of the country during the winter, utilizing auto transportation services to get their vehicles to and from their different homes. This helps keep winter shipping prices lower, demand throughout the year higher and the auto transport industry going throughout the year as well.

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