Coral Springs 1Coral Springs is a city located in Broward County, Florida and is located in the Miami metropolitan area. Home to over 121,000 residents, Coral Springs sits roughly 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, one of the largest cities in the area. Coral Springs is a planned community; officially chartered in the summer of 1963, Coral Springs is a perfect example of a well-planned city, as the city has added over 35,000 residents per decade since its inception. The city was planned and developed by Coral Ridge Properties, known as WCI Communities today; it is actually from the company’s old name, Coral Ridge, that the name Coral Springs is derived. Coral Springs today has strict building and zoning laws, to maintain its aesthetic appeal, and its planning has won the city numerous accolades. Additionally, Coral Springs has routinely ranked among the best cities in terms of crime rates and livability, at least among cities with over 100,000 residents.

Basic Facts About Coral Springs

  • Current population: 121,000
  • Current mayor: Vincent M. Boccard
  • Total area: 24 sq mi
  • Located in: Broward County
  • Founded in: 1963
  • Area codes: 754, 954

Tips for Auto Transport to and from Coral Springs

Just west of Coral Springs sits the Florida Everglades, with no routes directly going through the area either into or out of Coral Springs. This means that auto transportation companies are limited in ways they can access Coral Springs, which can lead to delays in finding a carrier willing to go there. Of course, Coral Springs sits in the Miami metropolitan area, the most popular auto shipping location in the entire country, which generally helps the cause. Shipments into and out of most areas of the Miami metro area are usually fairly popular, which means pickup times should be short and the cost relatively low, as far as auto transport prices are concerned.

Coral Springs has several ways in and out of the city that, while they may generally be north-south routes, still help the cause when it comes to shipping a vehicle there. Coral Springs sits within a sort of box of highways; to the west and north is the Sawgrass Expressway, though it’s a toll road; to the south is West Atlantic Boulevard, also known as Hwy 814, which runs east to Pompano Beach; to the east, running north-south, is Highway 441, and just east of that is the Florida Turnpike, which while a toll road is also used heavily by carriers.

At the end of the day, Coral Springs is a pretty good choice, but if you’re shipping on a budget you may save a bit of cash by meeting your shipper further north or east, depending on where you’re shipping from or to. Working with your shipping company to help find an easier, more accessible, or just plain cheaper pickup or delivery location can help the cause tremendously, and all it takes is a bit of effort on your part. Make sure to talk to your auto transport representative; if you have yet to find one, fill out our free form or call us at 800-930-7417 and let American Auto Shipping do the work for you.

Local References

Coral Springs Zip Codes Include:

33065, 33067, 33071, 33073, 33075, 33076,33077