Woodland 1Woodland is a city in as well as the county seat of Yolo County, California, which is a part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Woodland is home to over 55,000 residents and is located about 15 miles northwest of Sacramento, along Interstate 5. Woodland was established officially in 1861 and during the ensuing two decades the area would grow rather quickly for the size of the town at the time. It became the county seat of Yolo County and during the early 20th century, after the Chamber of Commerce formed, Woodland saw the expansion of several parks and other recreational facilities, which helped attract new settlers to the town. Over time the city grew more and more into a bedroom city supported by local business and retail services, as well as other types of service-based industries.

Basic Facts About Woodland

  • Current population: 55,000
  • Current mayor: Marlin H. “Skip” Davies
  • Total area: 15.3 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.cityofwoodland.org/
  • Located in: Yolo County
  • Founded in: 1861
  • Zip codes: 95695, 95776
  • Area codes: 530

Helpful Auto Transport Tips to Woodland

When shipping a vehicle to Woodland you’ll likely find that Sacramento will be the cheaper area to ship to if you’re coming from anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest. Sacramento is the main hub of the entire region – it’s named the Sacramento Metropolitan Area for a reason – and as such there are plenty of places to meet with a carrier for the pickup or delivery of a vehicle; Sacramento allows carriers to easily get to and from pickups, or consolidate all of them into one convenient location staggered throughout the day, and then quickly be on their way again.

If you are shipping out of the Pacific Northwest, most carriers will travel down Interstate 5, which passes right through Woodland. This is good news for you because it increase the ease of access that carriers have when shipping in and out of Woodland. The city is not all that popular of a location to ship to and from customer-wise, but it sits right along a major interstate frequented by auto shipping carriers, so you should be able to find a good transport deal with a reasonable pickup window.

At the end of the day, however, Woodland isn’t Sacramento and it’s generally more expensive to ship to a small town. Talk to your auto transport representative for more information on the current state of the auto shipping industry, and they’ll let you know all the different factors that are currently going into your price as well as the length of your pickup window. Remember, auto transport isn’t fast food, so be patient and make sure to communicate with your agent.

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