West Covina 1West Covina is a city located roughly 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Formed in the early 1920’s from Covina, the city was incorporated in 1923 and remained a relatively agricultural area until the end of World War II, which sparked a major population boom – and the town prospered. Newer retail and shopping districts have added to the city’s allure, and today it is home to over 106,000 residents. West Covina is notable for its proactive Redevelopment Agency, who’s task it is to continue to shine the city’s look and appeal and make it one of the major shopping and business cities of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Basic Facts About West Covina

  • Current population: 106,000
  • Current mayor: Steve Herfert
  • Total area: 16 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.westcovina.org/
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1923
  • Zip codes: 91790-91793
  • Area codes: 626, 909

Tips for Auto Transport to and from West Covina

Interstate 10 is the main east-west interstate that runs through West Covina, offering easy access to the northern parts of the city to auto transportation companies. You will likely be asked to meet your auto transport driver somewhere along the interstate, as their giant transportation trucks likely won’t be able to navigate through the tighter side streets of West Covina. This is a common request, and will save you and the carrier time on pickup and/or delivery.

West Covina can actually be a cheaper location than other areas of the western Los Angeles area, as it is located directly along Interstate 10 and traffic through the L.A. area can be horrific at times. By stopping in West Covina and meeting someone, they won’t have to drive as far through Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area, and this could save them quite a bit on fuel – and, as such, save you money on your shipment.

Make sure that you have someone who can meet the carrier at pickup and delivery if you are unable to do it. Pickup and delivery windows are generally 1-2 days after initial contact with the carrier, and they can show up at just about any time due to traffic and other extraneous factors. Keep this in mind when you’re shipping to or from the area, or any area really. Someone will have to be there to do the inspection and sign off on the pickup or delivery of the vehicle.

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