Ventura 1Officially named the City of San Buenaventura, Ventura is a coastal town in southern California, located a little over an hour northwest of Los Angeles proper. Home to over 106,000 residents, Ventura is known for its beautiful beaches and surfer-friendly oceans, particularly at spots such as Surfer’s Point, and off the Ventura County Fairgrounds. The city has a vibrant culture evident in its numerous museums and galleries, as well as the Ventura Theater, which played host to such memorial acts as The Doors, Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash, to name a few. It is also home to dozens of official parks, and downtown houses the Mission San Buenaventura, the first official building in the city and the cornerstone of the town, having been constructed in 1782.

Brief Facts About Ventura

  • Current population: 106,000
  • Current mayor: Cheryl Heitmann
  • Total area: 32 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Ventura County
  • Founded in: 1782
  • Zip codes: 93001-93007, 93009
  • Area codes: 805

Auto Transport Tips to and from Ventura

There are three main routes into Ventura, all of which most carriers are familiar with. As it sits on the west coast, you may find that it might be a bit more expensive to ship there when compared to somewhere more inland, such as Woodland Hills or somewhere north of Los Angeles proper. Depending on the location, and where you’re shipping from, you could save in the triple digits over shipping to Ventura proper.

However, if you really want to get into the city, it helps that US Route 101 – once the primary north-south highway in California, at least before the advent of the Interstate Highway System – runs right through western Ventura. It also connects with US Route 126, which is a less-popular yet still-viable route into the city for auto transportation companies. You can find out which specific route your carrier is taking into the city, which can help you and him find a suitable delivery or pickup location for your vehicle.

At the end of the day, though, Ventura is a popular destination for carriers due to the population, the popularity of the city and its growth in recent years. While still not on par with some of the areas surrounding Los Angeles, Ventura makes for a good location for some auto shippers, and this can only help save you money. Remember though that pickup tends to happen anywhere from 1-7 days from date of dispatch, so make sure you book ahead of time.

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