Sunnyvale 1Sunnyvale, officially known as the City of Sunnyvale, is a city located in Santa Clara County, California, and is the seventh-largest city by population in the San Francisco Bay Area. Home to over 140,000 residents, Sunnyvale is a major component of Silicon Valley, which borders the San Francisco Bay Area, and sits between Mountain View, to the northwest, and Santa Clara, to the southeast. Sunnyvale is a major technology city, and is the headquarters for some of the world’s largest tech firms including Juniper Networks, Yahoo!, and Ariba, to name a few. Sunnyvale is known for its sunny days and major technology firms, which pump millions of dollars into the city’s coffers and as such is used for city-wide beautification projects; as such, Sunnyvale has a high standard of living and is currently in the midst of a downtown redevelopment that will add more retail and commercial space such as office complexes.

Basic Facts About Sunnyvale

  • Current population: 140,000
  • Current mayor: Jim Griffith
  • Total area: 22.6 sq mi
  • Located in: Santa Clara County
  • Founded in: 1901 (official; settled since 1771)
  • Area codes: 408, 650, 659

Auto Transport Tips to and from Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale has several prominent highways that run through it, including Highway 101 and Highway 82. The 101, as most people familiar with California know, is the coastal highway, ultimately running up into Oregon and Washington. It famously travels over the Golden Gate Bridge as it meanders north, and while it is a popular highway it is less popular with nationwide carriers, as it serves as the westernmost-highway in the western U.S. at times and has few connections with the Interstate Highway System.

The Interstate Highway System is crucial for auto transportation companies because it services most all the major cities in the United States, which is usually where their customers tend to be. Cities such as San Francisco and Oakland are good points to ship vehicles to and from because they are larger and sit on several major interstate highways. Sunnyvale has state highways running through it, which many carriers will still travel on; it just may cost you a bit less if you ship to a city along a major interstate.

Of course, Sunnyvale does have I-280 running through the southern extremes of the city. This auxiliary interstate runs southeast out of San Francisco, through the western Bay Area, and connects with I-680 and I-880 near San Jose. This is a loop that many auto shippers will travel along; get into San Francisco from the 80, then cruise south through the Bay Area and northern Silicon Valley, picking up loads before heading back east. This may be a good way to save cash as well, though it’s best to talk to your auto transport representative about it to see if it can.

Local References

Sunnyvale Zip Codes Include:

94085, 94086, 94087, 94088, 94089