Santa Clarita 1The City of Santa Clarita is the third-largest city in Los Angeles County and a major suburb of Los Angeles proper. Located roughly 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, it is the main city in the Santa Clarita Valley. The city has grown rapidly since its incorporation in the late 1980’s, mainly due to annexing outlying unincorporated communities such as Valencia, Saugus, Newhall and Canyon Country. Santa Clarita is perhaps best known for being the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park, though the actual park is located just outside the Santa Clarita city limits. The city is also well known for its use as a location for many major films.

Basic Facts About Santa Clarita

  • Current population: 209,000
  • Mayor: Laurene Weste
  • Total area: 62 sq mi
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1987 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 91310, 91321-91322, 91350-91351, 91354-91355, 91380-91387, 91390
  • Area codes: 661

Vehicle Shipping Tips to Santa Clarita

Make sure that your vehicle is void of all household items. Carriers cannot transport household goods as they are only licensed to transport vehicles, and could get in trouble if there is too many items in the vehicle itself. This goes double for shipping to Santa Clarita, a big city that has a lot of restrictions regarding size and weight of vehicles entering the city limits.

Santa Clarita experiences hot summers and warm winters. During the summer months temperatures have been known to reach triple digits, temperatures that can make it harder for auto shippers to effectively maneuver through the area. The risk of overheating, especially on older trucks, can be a problem during the depths of summer – which, unfortunately, is also the busiest shipping season in the industry. Delays are more common in the summer as a result, so keep that in mind.

Santa Clarita sits in between two major freeways – Interstate 5 and SR-14. These routes are heavily traveled by carries as well as by everyday commuters, which can make it easier for auto shippers to get in and out of the area, but congestion can also lead to delays in pickup or delivery. Meeting your driver close to the freeway, or right off one of the exits, is a great way to keep costs down while also making it easier on everyone involved.

Local References

Santa Clarita Zip Codes Include:

91350, 91380, 91382, 91383, 91390