Santa Clara 1Santa Clara is a city located in Santa Clara County, California (of which it is not the county seat, oddly enough), currently home to over 116,000 residents, making it the ninth-largest in the Bay Area of California. First founded in 1777 and incorporated in 1852, Santa Clara was primarily an agricultural town until the end of World War II. When more high-tech firms began relocating to Santa Clara and the surrounding valley, the city grew into a technological powerhouse, along with many of its neighbors such as Sunnyvale and San Jose. Today, Santa Clara sits in the heart of what has become known as Silicon Valley; it is the home of companies such as Applied Materials, Intel, and Texas Instruments, among others. The city has also become a player in the entertainment industry; it is the current site of the National Football League’s San Francisco 49er’s home stadium, Levi’s Stadium, and will play host to Super Bowl 50, the first Super Bowl to not have Roman numerals in the title.

Basic Facts About Santa Clara

  • Current population: 116,400
  • Current mayor: Jamie L. Matthews
  • Total area: 18.4 sq mi
  • Located in: Santa Clara County
  • Founded in: 1777
  • Area codes: 408, 669

Tips for Auto Transport to or from Santa Clara

Santa Clara sits in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the most affluent areas of the United States. It’s a popular area for carriers to go because a lot of affluent people tend to move in and out of the area rapidly. It’s not as cost-effective for many shippers to simply pass through the area, but it’s popular enough that it does warrant attention. The trick is finding multiple vehicles going out of Santa Clara; the more vehicles, the lower the cost and the more money the shipper makes.

Of course, information about other people’s orders isn’t available to you, for security purposes. However, you can talk to your auto transport representative and see what areas do have multiple loads shipping out of them; it’s part of their job to try to find you the best deal for your car transportation, so you can talk to them about different ways that you can save money by possibly moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere more accessible for the carrier in hopes of saving a few bucks.

At the end of the day, though, Santa Clara won’t be the most expensive place in California to ship to or from because it’s accessible by a bevy of routes. The 101 runs through northern Santa Clara, and I-880 runs through the southeast; then of course there’s Highway 82, connecting Santa Clara to the larger areas of the Bay Area, and I-280 which runs east-west on the southern extremities of the city, and you have a variety of ways into the city that auto shippers can exploit. Talk to your representative for more about this too.

Local References

Santa Clara Zip Codes Include:

95050,95051,95052,95053,95055, 95056