Roseville 1Roseville is a city in the Sacramento, California Metropolitan Area and is the largest city in Placer County, California. Currently home to over 127,000 residents, Roseville began as a small stage coach stop in the Sacramento area in the 1850’s, and was originally known as “Griders.” A railroad line came to the area in the 1860’s and this directly led to the growth and development of the small area. Incorporated as Roseville in 1909, the city continued to expand along the railroad, and the railroad company employed over 1,200 residents by 1925. After the end of World War II population began to boom, reshaping Roseville from an industrial and warehousing center of the Sacramento area to a more residential suburb of the city, which it maintains to this day.

Basic Facts About Roseville

  • Current population: 127,000
  • Current mayor: Susan Rohan
  • Total area: 36.2 sq mi
  • Located in: Placer County
  • Founded in: 1850’s
  • Area codes: 916

Auto Transport Tips and Tricks to and from Roseville

Roseville sits northeast of Sacramento, along Interstate 80, the main east-west interstate through the central United States and an oft-used entrance to the metro area from the eastern parts of the country. This helps tremendously in the sense that Roseville sits right along the path of many auto shippers, which can make pickup times faster and prices lower since carriers will be going through there anyway.

Roseville can be a cheaper alternative to Sacramento, depending on the carrier’s route, as it sits northeast of the city by a bit. Of course, Sacramento is a major metropolitan area and shippers can find new customers easily in the sprawling metropolis, but if they don’t have to go any further than Roseville, it may even make it cheaper for everyone that will be traveling along the truck. Talk to your auto transport representative for more.

You could also save money by actually shipping your vehicle to Sacramento instead of Roseville. Depending on where your shipper is ultimately arriving in Roseville from, some routes may be cheaper to ship along if you were to change your destination (or pickup) to Sacramento instead of Roseville. Your auto transport representative can give you more information in that regard as well, so definitely ask questions and talk to them about the best ways to help your shipment’s price and pickup window.

Local References

Roseville Zip Codes Include:

95661, 95678, 95747