Rocklin 1Rocklin is a city located in Placer County, California, and is part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Rocklin, home to over 56,900 residents, sits just 22 miles northeast of Sacramento, and just northeast of Roseville (by about six miles). Rocklin began as a rock quarry outside of Sacramento; at the time when the quarry was still in heavy use, it was known more as “the granite quarries at the end of the tracks.” Granite from Rocklin was used to build Fort Mason and the California Capitol Building, in Sacramento. Rocklin soon began exporting granite, as the railroad – several, in fact – were built through the town. With the end of granite mining in 2004, Rocklin has has diversified its economy greatly, and today is based heavily on retail and other services, as well as manufacturing, particularly at the Formica Manufacturing Plant which is based in the town.

Basic Facts About Rocklin

  • Current population: 56,900
  • Current mayor: Scott Yuill
  • Total area: 19.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Placer County
  • Founded in: 1850’s
  • Zip codes: 95677, 95765
  • Area codes: 916

Auto Transport Tips to Rocklin

Rocklin sits along Interstate 80, which runs southeast from Rocklin into Sacramento and then further southwest into the San Francisco Bay Area. This makes Rocklin easily accessible by carries running routes along Interstate 80, but there aren’t as many coast-to-coast shippers that run along that particular interstate, as there are a lot of stretches with few people and small towns, particularly through the Midwest.

Interstate 80 is a major interstate, connecting cities such as Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City and more to Boston on the east coast. While this is a heavily-traveled interstate in certain sections, the entire thing isn’t as popular as, say, Interstate 10, which hits some of the largest cities in the southern United States. As such, this can impact your price and pickup windows in negative ways, though how much will be something you’ll need to talk to your auto transport representative about.

Of course, you could probably save a bit of money by moving your pickup or delivery location from Rocklin to Sacramento, depending on where your shipper is coming from. In all likelihood you’ll save a bit if you move to Sacramento regardless, just because of how large it is and how popular of an auto transport location it is. Talk to your representative about it, and see what other factors may be playing a part in your auto transport price.

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