Norwalk 1Norwalk is a prominent suburb of Los Angeles proper, formed during the late 19th century, and currently home to over 105,500 residents. Originally a mining area prior to the Mexican-American War, Norwalk became an agricultural center for a time before its founding in the 19th century and subsequent incorporation as a city. The railroad came to the area, bringing new residents and interest in the town, and by the 19th century Norwalk became a major dairy center of California. After World War II, Norwalk became less of an industrial and dairy center and more residential, as more people began to move to the area during the “baby boomer” era.

Brief Facts About Norwalk

  • Current population: 105,500
  • Current mayor: Marcel Rodarte
  • Total area: 9.7 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1870
  • Zip codes: 90650-90652, 90659
  • Area codes: 562

Auto Transport Tips to and from Norwalk

When shipping to Norwalk keep in mind where in the city you are trying to get to. Chances are you can find an area to meet your driver in that will be easier for him to maneuver, closer to an on-ramp or off-ramp, and one that he can easily get to and from. This can save you and the driver a lot of time, and could potentially save you some money to depending on where exactly you meet the driver.

That said, getting around Norwalk for carriers is made a lot easier thanks to Interstate 5. One of the main north-south interstates in the western United States, the stretch of Interstate 5 through Norwalk is known as the Santa Monica Freeway and is a vital part of the infrastructure in the region. This makes Norwalk that much easier to get to and from, helping keep prices low.

Norwalk also has Interstate 605, a major auxiliary of I-5, running through it, on the western side. This can make transportation to and from western areas of the city easier and faster, though it may also be easier for carriers to stick to I-5 and just run through eastern Norwalk. Definitely talk to your auto transport company, particularly your representative and your drive, about the best ways to get into and out of Norwalk.

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