Murrieta 1Murrieta is a city located in Riverside County, California, about 35 miles south of Riverside, 80 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 65 miles northeast of San Diego. Murrieta is currently home to a population of over 103,000 and experienced a population boom of 233% between 2000 and 2010; the continued population growth has led it to become larger than nearby Temecula for the first time since incorporation. Founded sometime in the 1870’s, Murrieta began its growth with the railroad, which ran through what was-then a tiny settlement; by 1890 over 800 people lived in Murrieta. It remained relatively small until the construction of I-15 in the late 1970’s; the population boom began in the early 80’s, as residents of nearby San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties began to see Murrieta as a potential getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of the larger cities. This is the type of behavior that gave rise to the suburb, which Murrieta has since become over the past thirty years or so.

Basic Facts About Murrieta

  • Current population: 103,400
  • Current mayor: Alan Long
  • Total area: 33.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Riverside County
  • Founded in: 1870’s
  • Zip codes: 92562-92564
  • Area codes: 951

Tips for Auto Transport to or from Murrieta

Murrieta may have once been an isolated town in Riverside County, but the Interstate Highway System has made it an important junction for the merging of I-15 with its auxiliary, I-215, which runs north up to Moreno Valley and then turning west to flow back into I-15 east of Chino. This provides a gateway to the more suburban cities on the east of the Riverside metro area.

I-15’s connection with southeastern California and Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, is an important one; it allows carriers going through Vegas easy access to Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego – and all the smaller cities along those paths. Auto shippers need to quickly go from one area to another, and Murrieta sitting at the junction of I-15 and I-215 (not to mention I-15 and Highway 79), it’s one of the more-accessible cities for auto transport drivers to get to.

Murrieta can serve as an important junction to several other areas, too. If your ultimate goal is, say, San Diego, and the carrier is driving through Murrieta, it may not be a bad idea to meet him either there or perhaps in Escondido. Any time you can save your carrier mileage is good for you and your wallet, as they generally prefer not having to go any further than they have to to pickup or deliver a load. Keep that in mind and talk to your representative about different ways you can save time and money on your next shipment.

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