Inglewood 1Inglewood is a city located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. It sits just southwest of South Los Angeles, meaning it borders Los Angeles proper. Home to over 109,000 residents, it is one of the most prominent bedroom cities of Los Angeles. Inglewood was first established in 1888, being officially incorporated as a city of California in 1905. Inglewood was the first city to adopt Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, interestingly enough, and today the city is quite racially diverse; in the area, Latinos make up roughly 46% of the population by race, the largest of any ethnic background. The city today is primarily suburban, as it was originally a main bedroom city for the sprawling urban area that is Los Angeles.

Brief Facts About Inglewood

  • Current population: 109,600
  • Current mayor: James Butts
  • Total area: 9 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1888
  • Zip codes: 90301-90313, 90397-90398
  • Area codes: 310, 323, 424

Auto Transport Tips to Inglewood

Inglewood is located just southwest of South Los Angeles, which in turn is south of Los Angeles proper. When shipping to Inglewood, it may save you some money to ship somewhere east of the city and save the auto transport driver a trip into the area, especially if you’re shipping from the eastern U.S. Los Angeles is a bit city, and much easier to navigate for a person in a car than a guy hauling ten cars on the back of a huge truck – hence the possible discount.

However, Inglewood is easily accessible, and it may end up being the case that moving in and out of Inglewood is just the same price as anywhere else in the L.A. area, considering how it sits right off of I-405, one of the primary north-south interstates in the Greater Los Angeles Area and one of the most prominent auxiliary interstates of Interstate 5. I-405 runs through western Inglewood, and might also be a good location for pickup or delivery of a vehicle. To add to that, I-105 also runs east-west through southern Inglewood, and connects with Los Angeles International Airport, to boot.

This is actually fantastic because it gives auto shippers a place that is easily accessible and provides plenty of space for the pickup or delivery of a vehicle, especially in one of the many auxiliary parking lots on the outskirts. I-105 runs directly into LAX, and connects with the 405 a mile west of Inglewood. Shipping just to LAX might end up saving you a fair chunk of change as well given its location and ease-of-access, though you’d have to make the drive out there to meet the driver. Luckily, Inglewood is literally next to Los Angeles International.

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