Huntington Beach 1Huntington Beach is a coastal city located in Orange County, California, and is the largest beach city in the county by population, which was over 189,000 at the 2010 official U.S. Census, though a more recent estimate done in 2013 estimates the population to be over 197,000. The city is known for its beach-life atmosphere; with a 9.5 mile stretch of beach, the city is a popular surfing and tourist location. Huntington Beach experiences a more mild climate than more inland areas, and the prevalent weather patterns in the area make Huntington Beach a prime location for surfing and surfing competitions. Its mild climate is also a major draw for people looking to experience California without the high temperatures or stifling atmosphere.

Basic Facts About Huntington Beach

  • Current population: approx. 197,000
  • Mayor: Matthew Harper
  • Total area: 31.9 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Orange County
  • Founded in: 1909 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 92605, 92615, 92646-92649
  • Area codes: 714, 657, 562

Tips for Shipping an Automobile to Huntington Beach

Huntington beach is one of the more popular areas for people to visit, and more and more people are looking at the area to actually move to. However, its location on the California coast can make it more difficult and expensive to ship to if you’re shipping from a city east of it, so a good way to save a bit of cash is to ship your vehicle to a more eastern city and then simply drive your vehicle to wherever in Huntington Beach you need to get to.

As I-405, a major auxiliary interstate of Interstate 5, runs just east of the city, it can be easier for carriers to get to certain areas of East Huntington Beach than into the city proper. If shipping from the northern states such as Washington or Oregon, you can usually get cheaper rates if you ship to an area that is just off of I-405 to begin with; some carriers will charge you less due to the fact that your delivery location is easily accessible from a major freeway.

Prices will likely be higher during the summer months as it’s the busy season in the auto transport industry. You should budget accordingly, and make sure to get multiple car shipping quotes to or from Huntington Beach; despite it being a popular location, it can still be expensive to ship to or from depending on where you’re shipping from or to. Multiple car transport quotes can help you budget more effectively and make it easier on you come transport time.

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