Fremont 1Fremont is a city located in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to around 220,000 residents. Close to Silicon Valley, one of the main technology hubs in the United States, Fremont is often associated with the area, despite being closer to San Francisco and the bay than Silicon Valley. It forms part of the “Tri-City Area” along with Newark and Union City. Fremont was born from five different cities that had all sprung up around Mission San Jose, which was first founded in 1797 by the Spanish. Incorporated in 1956, Fremont became an industrial center during the 1950’s and 60’s, with more high-tech manufacturing and other high-tech industries coming in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s, earning the city its association with Silicon Valley. Fremont today is a hybrid industrial center and shopping center, despite its size; its downtown business district is one of the largest in the area.

Basic Facts About Fremont

  • Current population: 220,000
  • Current mayor: Bill Harrison
  • Total area: 87.6 sq mi
  • Located in: Alameda County
  • Founded in: 1956
  • Zip codes: 94536-94539, 94555
  • Area codes: 510

Auto Transport Tips to and from Fremont

Chances are that transportation to and from Fremont may be a bit more expensive, considering it only has north-south connections aside from Route 84 across the San Francisco Bay to connect to Redwood City. These cities are rather out-of-the-way for carriers, which may factor into your price and pickup windows, so keep that in mind when gathering quotes to and from Fremont. You want to be as specific as possible in your pickup and delivery information, but be prepared to work with your shipper if your vehicle is not being picked up or the price is too high.

You can likely avoid things like this by shipping to a city with a more prominent and popular connection. San Francisco, or one of the outlying areas depending on where you are shipping from. A good way to go about this is to actually talk to your auto transport representative. They can work with you to find a suitable pickup or delivery city alternative to Fremont itself, provided you can be there at pickup and/or delivery to meet the driver.

Another alternative is simply the Oakland or San Francisco International Airports. Located literally across the Bay from each other, they’re easy enough for carriers to get to or from, at least the outlying parking lots for long-term parking that are generally hardly filled during the standard day. These are ideal locations for auto shippers because open lots like that give them plenty of room to maneuver, are generally easy to get to and from, and provide plenty of room to load and unload their vehicles.

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Fremont Zip Codes Include:

94536, 94537, 94538, 94539, 94555