Folsom 1Folsom is a city located in Sacramento County, California and is a part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. Home to over 72,000 residents, Folsom began as a small settlement and then a mining town. Though mining never took off, the leaders of the town were able to successfully campaign to bring the railroad to Folsom, and in the mid-19th century the city began to grow, albeit slowly. Folsom is perhaps best known for its prison, Folsom State Prison, which is famously referred to in the Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues.”  Folsom State Prison is also where Charles Manson is currently incarcerated, and was one of the first maximum security prisons built in the U.S. as well as one of the first to be electrified.

Basic Facts About Folsom

  • Current population: 72,000
  • Current mayor: Kerri Howell
  • Total area: 24.3 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Sacramento County
  • Founded in: 19th century
  • Zip codes: 95630, 95671, 95673
  • Area codes: 916

Auto Transport Tips to and from Folsom

Folsom sits east of Citrus Heights, which is easily accessible by Interstate 80. Folsom, however, is not easily accessible, at least not from any major highways or interstates that carriers like to frequent. Nationwide auto shippers tend to stay along major interstate highways, like Interstate 80, because it connects them with some of the largest auto transport markets in the entire United States and allows access to every region of the country.

There are many auto shippers that will run routes into and out of smaller area, provided that they are reasonably close to an interstate highway. Folsom is close, but you could probably save a bit of money by either moving your pickup or delivery location to Citrus Heights or nearby Sacramento. This way, you get the possibility of faster pickup times and lower prices, while at the same time not having to go too far out of your way to meet your shipper.

You should always talk to your auto transport representative, at the brokerage, about the current conditions of auto transportation services into and out of Folsom. Whether for pickup or delivery of a vehicle, current industry conditions, such as how many carriers are running routes through the Sacramento area, what the current rates are, where the carriers physically are, fuel prices, and much more can impact how fast and how much your shipment will cost.

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