Escondido 1Escondido is a city located in the North County region of San Diego County, California, just southeast of San Marcos. Escondido is home to over 143,000 and is one of the oldest cities in San Diego County, having been founded in 1888. Like many cities in the area, Escondido was first founded by the Spanish, to support one of the missions in the region; after coming under control of the United States, Escondido began to grow into an agricultural community with a high Spanish-speaking population. Over the years, Escondido grew more into a retail and cultural city, and today it is primarily a residential community with supporting retail centers, but no main central business district.

Basic Facts About Escondido

  • Current population: 143,000
  • Current mayor: Sam Abed
  • Total area: 37 sq mi
  • Located in: San Diego County
  • Founded in: 1888
  • Area codes: 442, 760

Auto Transport tips to Escondido

Escondido is a major stop along Interstate 15, which is helpful when you have carriers running routes from Vegas to San Diego. However, the route isn’t too popular as far as auto transport within California goes, which can mean a more expensive transport and a longer wait time for pickup. It helps a bit that it sits along a major interstate, and it is a main stop along a route between two major metropolitan areas, though.

Escondido can also be a good location to ship to if you’re ultimately transporting a vehicle to Carlsbad or San Marcos or Oceanside from somewhere east of California. The fact that it sits along Highway 78, which runs through cities like Vista and Oceanside, can provide access to the coastal towns west of Escondido and also Interstate 5, which can link up to Los Angeles further north as well as even further cities such as Sacramento, Portland and Seattle.

Escondido, at the end of the day, is a bit out of the way unless you’re shipping from Vegas or Idaho on account of the route of Interstate 15. You’ll want to talk to your auto transport representative about the details regarding where the carriers are and specific pickup windows, but don’t be surprised if the price per mile is a bit higher in and out of Escondido than cities closer to the Los Angeles metro area.

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Escondido Zip Codes Include:

92025, 92026, 92027, 92029, 92030, 92033, 92046