El Cajon 1El Cajon is a city located in southwestern San Diego County, California. Home to over 99,500 residents, it is an outlying suburb of San Diego proper. Like many cities in the area, El Cajon began as a Spanish ranch, known at the time as Rancho El Cajon. Held by those same residents even after California was brought into the U.S. as a state, the area would remain relatively untouched until 1868, when an American citizen bought much of the land from the current owners. He eventually built a hotel along a routinely-traveled road through California, and by 1878 there were 25 families living there. El Cajon began to blossom at that time, and the city was officially incorporated in 1912, and today the city is home to over 99,400 residents.

Basic Facts About El Cajon

  • Current population: 99,400
  • Current mayor: Bill Wells
  • Total area: 14.4 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.ci.el-cajon.ca.us/
  • Located in: San Diego County
  • Founded in: 1912 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 92019-92022, 92090
  • Area codes: 619

Tips for Auto Transport to El Cajon

The main interstate that services El Cajon is Interstate 8, an east-west interstate that runs from its junction with I-5 in southern San Diego to its junction with I-10 about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. I-8 is the main east-west route in and out of San Diego for auto transport carriers, which should make it easier to get to or from El Cajon especially if the pickup or delivery location is in another southern U.S. state.

Interstate 8 connecting with Interstate 10 also helps the cause. I-10 is the main east-west interstate in the U.S., connecting Los Angeles with Jacksonville, Florida. For this reason, the fact that I-8 is a connecting highway really helps auto shippers trying to get to El Cajon, either for pickup or delivery. The connection with I-10 also opens up other routes further down the line, making it easier to ship to or from areas such as the Midwest and the Northeast.

Of course, El Cajon still sits in the middle of nowhere, all things considered, and its location in far southern California kind of turns off some auto shippers from going there. The San Diego Metropolitan Area is still large enough to warrant a trip for most, but the price may be a bit higher than to Los Angeles simply due to where it’s geographically located. Talk to your representative for more information on this, as prices are very subjective and will change frequently.

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