Daly City 1Daly City began life as a Mexican settlement, prior to the acquisition of California by the United States. After becoming a part of the U.S., however, Daly City was left nigh-uninhabited, and the government opened up the area to settlers. A brief land rush occurred, resulting in Daly City and several other nearby communities by the 1870’s. Daly City was incorporated officially in 1911 and was named in honor of businessman and local land owner John Daly. Daly City today is located in San Mateo County, California, and with a population of over 101,000 residents it is also the largest in the county. Daly City and several surrounding cities have grown into major shopping areas, particularly for the lower sales tax, ample parking (and general ease of access) and the lighter hustle-and-bustle.

Basic Facts About Daly City

  • Current population: 101,000
  • Current mayor: David J. Canepa
  • Total area: 7.6 sq mi
  • Current website: http://www.dalycity.org/
  • Located in: San Mateo County
  • Founded in: 1911 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 94013-94017
  • Area codes: 415, 650

Tips for Auto Transport to and from Daly City

Daly City sits just southwest of San Francisco proper, which means that you can probably save a little bit of cash if you meet your carrier on the east side of San Francisco or maybe even Oakland, if you can get there. Carriers like going to the big cities because there’s a lot of people there, a lot of potential customers; however, navigating through the cities themselves can be cumbersome and difficult, so they prefer to stick to the edges.

This can play to your advantage; by letting your transport representative at the brokerage know you’re willing to move your pickup or delivery location to an area better-suited for a carrier, they may be able to get your price down a little bit, because they aren’t making the carrier travel so far. Daly City, being so close to the bigger Bay Area cities, is really a great spot to get this done at, though of course it does rely on you having alternative transportation options when you pickup or drop off your vehicle.

Daly City can also be useful if you’re shipping into San Francisco from the southern parts of California. Though it’s a cheap route, a carrier coming from the southeast to the southwest then up north through San Francisco could probably pickup quite a few vehicles from the area if they’re collected in Daly City or other areas south of it. Talk to your representative about possible alternatives to the south as well if that’s where you’re shipping to or from.

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