Costa Mesa 1Costa Mesa is a city located in Orange County, California. Home to over 109,000 residents, Costa Mesa is an edge city – a city with more jobs than homes, evidently. Located about an hour and a half south of Los Angeles, it’s a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, but is distinct enough to be known as an edge city. Costa Mesa has grown rapidly since its incorporation in 1953, after having been an independent settlement, basically, for almost a century beforehand. Costa Mesa’s population at the time of incorporation was just 16,800; today, it is one of the largest cities in Orange County and a major center of job growth in the area and a major retail and shopping outlet.

Brief Facts About Costa Mesa

  • Current population: 109,000
  • Current mayor: Jim Righeimer
  • Total area: 15.7 sq mi
  • Located in: Orange County
  • Founded in: 1953 (incorporated)
  • Area codes: 657, 714, 949

Auto Transport Tips to and from Costa Mesa

As an edge city, Costa Mesa plays a vital role in the economic development and health of the surrounding areas, as it is the main shopping hub in the immediate vicinity. As such, it may be a good place to ship your vehicle to, even if you’re going somewhere else, such as one of its bedroom cities. Lots of commercial space may mean more difficulty in getting to the downtown hub, but many of its streets are wide and easier to navigate; talk to your driver for more about where to meet him for pickup or delivery.

Costa Mesa is accessible by two main roads, California Routes 101 and 55. 101 is the main coastal highway in California and actually runs through Newport Beach, which sits just south of Costa Mesa. This can be the easier side if your transporter is coming from the Pacific Northwest; otherwise, they’ll likely get on 55 further east, and then simply coast into Costa Mesa. You can likely shave some money off the trip by meeting them further east along 55, but that’s up to you.

Costa Mesa is one of the cheaper California cities to ship to throughout the year, namely because of the nice weather. During the winter months you may actually find prices even cheaper, depending on where you’re shipping from (or to, if you’re going out of the city). During the summer is generally when prices tend to skyrocket, as the demand for auto transport services skyrockets due to so many people moving.

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Costa Mesa Zip Codes Include:

92626, 92627, 92628