Corona 1Corona is a city located in Riverside County, California, and is currently home to over 158,000 residents, the third-most in Riverside County. Corona was founded in 1886 during the population boom of southern California, and early growth was based on citrus and other agricultural commodities. Corona grew over time into a more residential area as opposed to an agricultural one, and many of the original farms were sold off to developers for residential communities to be built. Today, Corona is the third-largest city in Riverside County and a major bedroom city of Riverside and the entire Inland Empire.

Basic Facts About Corona

  • Current population: 158,000
  • Current mayor: Karen Spiegel
  • Total area: 38.9 sq mi
  • Located in: riverside County
  • Founded in: 1886
  • Zip codes: 92877-92883
  • Area codes: 951

Auto Transport Tips to Corona, California

Corona sits along Interstate 15, not too far east from Anaheim and the greater Los Angeles area. This is good news if you’re shipping to or from Corona as it’s easily accessible from one of the more popular interstates in the western U.S. I-15 runs from San Diego north through the Inland Empire and up through Vegas, finally going into Idaho. This allows auto shippers easy access to the area, which can help keep prices lower and pickup times quicker.

It also helps that Highway 91, a major east-west state highway (technically north-south but running east-west through Corona), services the city, as highway 91 runs right through into Anaheim, which is just next door to Los Angeles proper. Los Angeles is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the United States and definitely one of the most popular on the west coast, so cities that sit on popular routes in and out of Greater Los Angeles tend to have cheaper shipping prices to and from them.

However, Corona sits in the Inland Empire, closer to Riverside and the surrounding metro than Los Angeles’. This can raise prices a bit, depending on the shipper and where they’re coming from and going to, as well as pickup and delivery windows. It’s best to talk to your representative about the current state of the industry in regards to shipping in and out of Corona, as they’ll be able to tell you more pertinent information relevant to your specific shipment.

Local References

Corona Zip Codes Include:

92877, 92878, 92879, 92880, 92881, 92882, 92883