Concord 1Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County, California. Located roughly 45 minutes northeast of San Francisco, Concord acts as a major regional suburb, drawing nearby customers with a rather large retail and shopping district for a city its size. Concord today is home to over 122,000 residents, and is a major part of the San Francisco Bay Area despite being over 30 miles from San Francisco proper. The city was first founded in 1869 and the name was settled on Concord within months. Growth was slow but steady; as mainly an agricultural community, Concord did not see the rapid urban expansion of other cities in the Bay Area, though it was incorporated in 1905 and began to see more rapid growth during the “baby boomer” era after the end of World War II.

Basic Facts About Concord

  • Current population: 122,000
  • Current mayor: Tim Grayson
  • Total area: 30.5 sq mi
  • Located in: Contra Costa County
  • Founded in: 1869
  • Area codes: 925

Auto Transport Tips to and from Concord

Concord is rather removed, as far as the Bay Area goes, and because of its location it doesn’t have any major interstate highways running through it. Accessible primarily through state highways and back roads, Concord may be a beautiful part of the Bay Area to live in, but it’s not the easiest or cheapest of places for auto transportation companies. Its location and lack of population makes it so that auto shippers burn more fuel for fewer loads, which means they have to charge you more in order to cover it.

The easiest way around that price hike is to simply ship your vehicle to a more easily accessible city that sits near Concord. As a part of the Bay Area and only 40 minutes or so from San Francisco, it’s easy enough to find an area that you can meet your auto transport driver at. There are many interstate highways that run near Concord, just none that really go into Concord proper.

That all being said, it’s still not going to cost you as much as it would to ship to the middle of nowhere. Yes, you may have to pay a bit more to cover additional fuel charges, but Concord isn’t going to cost hundred more dollars to ship to. It’s too close to the rest of the Bay Area, despite being kind of out of the way, and the state highways do link up to various interstates, so it’s not like a carrier has to drive out there just to turn right back around. More of a detour, if you will. Talk to your representative about cost-saving measures for shipping to or from Concord, and they can tell you for sure the best ways to save money on your specific shipment.

Local References

Concord Zip Codes Include:

94518,94519, 94520. 94521