Carson 1Carson is a city located in Los Angeles County, California. Home to over 91,000 residents, it is considered a suburb of Los Angeles proper, as it is located just 13 miles south of the city. Carson is the youngest city in the South Bay area, as it was incorporated in 1968; however, its history stretches back to the early 20th century, with the discovery of oil in the nearby Dominguez Hills; Carson, as a result, is a major oil town and several major oil companies, including British Petroleum, have operations in the area. Carson is the location of the StubHub Center, which is where the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas, USA – two high-profile Major League Soccer teams – play their home games. It has also hosted the X Games on more than one occasion.

Brief Facts About Carson

  • Current population: 91,700
  • Current mayor: Jim Dear
  • Total area: 19 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1968 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 90745-90747, 90749, 90810, 90895
  • Area codes: 310, 424

Tips for Auto Transport to Carson

Carson is a major suburb of Los Angeles proper, and as such it’s a more popular place to ship vehicles to or from when trying to get into downtown Los Angeles. Many of its streets are wider and are easily accessible by larger vehicles, and as such auto shippers tend to move into and out of Carson more frequently than other cities nearby. You may be able to save money by shipping to Carson as opposed to Los Angeles because of this.

Carson sits in between several major freeways including I-110, I-710 (both auxiliary interstates of I-10) and I-405, as well as the Pacific Coast Highway. With so many interstates and highly-traveled freeways essentially making up the borders of the city, access to Carson is easy for auto shippers, which should help reduce prices. There are always some areas that shippers can’t get into or out of, so meeting them near on-ramps or off-ramps of the major interstates should also help you keep costs down slightly.

Traffic in and around Carson can be a nightmare, as it is a major suburb of Los Angeles. This can cause price hikes for auto shippers as they tend to idle in traffic, particularly along I-405 and I-110, two of the more popular interstates in the area. Early-morning and late-evening deliveries or pickups can help with this, as traffic is generally worst during the morning and afternoon commutes. Talk to your shippers for more information about this.

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