Berkeley 1Berkeley sits on the eastern shores of the San Francisco Bay, bordering Oakland to the north. Berkeley is currently home to a population of over 112,500 residents, and is considered one of the most politically liberal cities in the United States. This is generally attributed to the presence of the University of California – Berkeley campus, also known as UC Berkeley, a highly-liberal university and the oldest campus in the University of California system (this includes UC-Davis, UC-Santa Cruz, and UCLA, to name a few). Berkeley was first founded by the Spanish, and became a part of Alameda County in 1853; it was incorporated as a city in 1878.

Basic Facts About Berkeley

  • Current population: 112,500
  • Current mayor: Tom Bates
  • Total area: 17.7 sq mi
  • Located in: Alameda County
  • Founded in: 1878 (incorporated)
  • Area codes: 510

Auto Transport and Car Shipping Tips to Berkeley

Berkeley is a popular college town, and as one of the more upscale campuses (not to mention more expensive ones), auto transport to and from the area is relatively common, particularly from areas along the east coast like Boston, Philadelphia and New York City. Some auto transport companies offer discounts to students who are transporting vehicles and/or household goods to Berkeley, on account of the university; talk to your representative if that applies to you.

Berkeley sits directly along I-80 and one of its auxiliaries, I-580, both of which lead down to Oakland, and I-80 continues over the bay to San Francisco proper, further south. Berkeley is a good stopping point for a lot of carriers who want to avoid the congestion that comes with Oakland and San Francisco, and this may apply to you too. Shipping to Berkeley instead of San Francisco or San Jose can save you some money while also saving the carrier time, which can only help the cause.

There may be some areas that are also cheaper to ship to than Berkeley, but you should definitely talk to your auto transport representative if this applies to you or not. Carriers like the major cities because of the people, but the traffic and narrow lanes of many of them make them not want to enter cities proper. This is why shipping to the outskirts can save you some time and money, but it depends on where your shipper is ultimately coming from. Talk to your shipping representative for more information.

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Berkeley Zip Codes Include:

94701,94702,94703,94704,94705,94706,94707,94708,94709, 94710, 94712, 94720