Auto Transport to Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAre you interested in auto transport to Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, California? If so, you likely know that the area is primarily commercial, though is being redesigned as a mixed-use area. Traditionally, Bunker Hill is the area that separates Downtown Los Angeles from the rest of the city. It is known for its high-rise buildings, particularly the Wells Fargo Center. If you’ve ever seen aerial views of Los Angeles, Bunker Hill is where most of the city’s high-rises are. And while we can definitely help you find auto transport to Bunker Hill, it’s important to understand what you’ll be facing when shipping there.

Quick Facts About Bunker Hill

Located in: Los Angeles County

Total area: approx. 1 sq mi

Area codes: 213

What to Expect With Auto Transport to Bunker Hill

So, when you’re shipping to Bunker Hill, you have to understand a few things. For starters, it’s primarily a commercial area right now. The city of Los Angeles is working on making it more mixed-use, adding residences and the like, but it’s still primarily commercial. As a result, the streets are a bit cramped, and getting around can be a challenge.

This is where the problems with shipping to or from the area come in. Carriers drive large, 80-ft auto transport trucks. Because of this, they have a hard time squeezing into tight areas. Bunker Hill is one such area. They’ll probably have a hard time meeting you at your specific pickup or delivery address because of how many people are on the streets, how many cars there are, and lack of adequate space.

As a result, you’ll likely have to meet them somewhere outside Bunker Hill for pickup or delivery. Don’t worry – this is par for the course when shipping to a major downtown area. And that’s what Bunker Hill is – it’s downtown L.A. Make their life easier – and yours – by choosing an area outside Bunker Hill that you can meet them at. This won’t have an impact on your price – they should already be as low as they can go.

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