Antioch 1The city of Antioch is one of the oldest in the San Francisco Bay Area, having been founded in 1850. It is a part of Contra Costa County, is home to over 102,000 residents, and is a major component of the San Francisco Bay Area, being a suburb city of both Oakland and San Francisco. Antioch started as Smith’s Landing, but changed to its current name in 1851. It was a major coal producer, and in the 1860’s became famous for its copper “bubble;” entire smelting operations were founded in the city, but the copper industry collapsed after it was discovered the vein under Antioch was not rich in copper. Petroleum extraction also failed to turn a profit, so today the city is primarily a housing area on the outskirts of the Bay Area.

Basic Facts About Antioch

  • Current population: 102,000
  • Current mayor: Wade Harper
  • Total area: 29 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Contra Costa County
  • Founded in: 1850
  • Zip codes: 94509, 94531
  • Area codes: 925

Auto Transport Tips to Antioch, California

Though Antioch may technically be a suburb of Oakland and San Francisco, it actually sits about 35 miles from Oakland and 40 from San Francisco, it’s more of a outlying suburb than anything. This can actually be a good thing, though, especially if you’re looking for auto transportation services into or out of the larger cities. Antioch can provide shippers with an alternative pickup or delivery location, so they don’t have to travel into the city proper.

Unfortunately, Antioch doesn’t sit along any major interstate highways, but it does have several state highways running through it. Highway 4, which runs east-west, connects Antioch with Stockton to the east and Richmond to the west, which can make it easier for shippers to get to Antioch – which helps your cause. It also connects to Sacramento, the state capital located about sixty miles north.

These routes into Antioch – and the city being so close (within 50 miles) from most major cities in the Bay Area, and sixty miles away from Sacramento – make it a lot easier on the fuel tanks of auto transport trucks, because they can quickly get around the greater Bay Area without having to idle in traffic, which is what California is kind of known for, unfortunately. Talk to your representative for more information.

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