Gardendale, AlabamaGardendale is a city located in Jefferson County, Alabama, currently home to over 13,800 residents. Originally the area that came to be known as Gardendale was nothing more than a large farm, first settled in the 1820’s. A small community grew up around the area over the next twenty or thirty years, and the area became known as “Jugstown” for its jug and chum factory. In the late 19th century a local schoolteacher campaigned to change the name, and the city was renamed “Gardendale” in 1906. It would be incorporated as a city in 1955, and today Gardendale is a thriving small community with over 400 businesses, 4 schools, and 24 churches.

Basic Facts About Gardendale

  • Current population: 13,800
  • Current mayor: Othell Phillips
  • Total area: 18 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Jefferson County
  • Founded in: 1906 (named)
  • Zip codes: 35071
  • Area codes: 205

Auto Transport Tips to Gardendale, Alabama

Gardendale is located just a few miles north of Birmingham, which is the largest city in the state of Alabama, along Interstate 65, the main north-south interstate through the area. Its proximity to Birmingham and its location along a main north-south line into the city makes auto transport to and from Gardendale that much easier, especially if you’re coming from the northern areas of the United States since auto shippers can just stop in Gardendale without having to meet you all the way in Birmingham.

From or to other areas of the U.S. though may be a bit more expensive if you ship out of Gardendale proper. Carriers running east-west routes would probably have an easier time meeting you in Birmingham proper, so they don’t have to deviate from their standard path, though with how close Gardendale is it’s kind of dependent on who is going to be shipping your vehicle. On the whole, auto shippers can work with you so the pickup and/or delivery locations are easily accessible by both parties.

Make sure to talk to your auto transportation representative about possibly relocating your pickup or delivery areas to help speed up your pickup window or decrease your price. The auto transport industry is anything but cheap, and with so many factors determining your price it’s best to talk to someone who knows the most up-to-date information regarding location of carriers and the routes that they are traveling, as well as the most current fuel prices, as these are things can impact your price and tend to change on a daily basis.

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