Calera 1Calera is a city located in both Shelby and Chilton Counties in the state of Alabama. In 2000 the town was home to just over 3,000, but in 2010 was at over 11,000, making Calera the fastest-growing city in the state of Alabama in terms of population change by percent. Calera is known for its limestone deposits and its early history was based heavily on mining and other natural resource extraction. Calera was incorporated in 1887. Located roughly 30 miles or so from Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, Calera sits on the outskirts of the Birmingham Metropolitan Area. Calera today is home to several wineries and a museum, as well as the Shelby County Airport, a local municipal airport servicing the region.

Basic Facts About Calera

  • Current population: 11,600
  • Current mayor: Jon Graham
  • Total area: 24 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Shelby, Chilton County
  • Founded in: 1887 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 35040
  • Area codes: 205

Auto Transport Tips to and from Calera

Calera isn’t all that popular of an auto transportation location, mainly because of its size. Home to just over 11,000 residents, it’s hardly a micropolitan area, let alone a major metropolitan one, and as such auto transportation to and from there doesn’t take place very often. There are few customers coming in and out of Calera at any given time, so most carriers will stick to routes that run through Birmingham, which is about thirty miles away. This can make pickup or delivery to Calera itself more expensive and take longer, though moving your pickup or delivery to Birmingham could help mitigate that somewhat.

It does help that Calera sits right along Interstate 65, the main route from Birmingham to Montgomery and even further south to Mobile, which sits on the Gulf of Mexico in the far southern parts of Alabama. Auto shippers running routes north-south through the area may be more inclined to pickup or deliver to Calera, though it depends heavily on the route they are taking. Shipping within Alabama, particularly to Birmingham, Mobile or Montgomery, will obviously take less time, but a local shipper may be better able to help with intra-state shipments.

Talk to your representative about the state of the auto transport industry in regards to Calera. This will give you the best idea of what the current conditions for shipping to and from Calera are, and can help you make a better and more informed decision on how you want to approach your shipment. As mentioned, it will likely be best to say you’re willing to meet a carrier in Birmingham, or even Montgomery if it’s easier – being able to move your pickup and delivery locations can help save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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