Bessemer 1Bessemer is a city located in Jefferson County, Alabama, and currently home to a population of over 27,400 residents. It sits about eight miles west of Hoover and about ten miles or so southwest of Birmingham, the largest city in the state. Bessemer was primarily a coal and limestone quarry, both of which are useful in steel making; much of the city’s history is dominated by the steel industry, with several steel manufacturing plants and processing centers being located in the town throughout its history. Steel is no longer manufactured in Bessemer, with much of it moving to nearby Fairfield, but it is still a growing city, with retail and other service industries replacing steel manufacturing in recent years.

Basic Facts About Bessemer

  • Current population: 27,400
  • Current mayor: Kenneth E. Gulley
  • Total area: 40.8 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Jefferson County
  • Zip codes: 35020-35023
  • Area codes: 205

Auto Transport Tips to and from Bessemer

Bessemer is one of the closer cities in the Birmingham metro area to Birmingham itself, which makes it a lot easier for carriers to justify running routes in and out of Bessemer. Though a small town in terms of auto transport popularity, Bessemer has several things going for it, namely its proximity to Birmingham and the fact that it sits along a major interstate highway. Both of these factors should help keep prices into and out of Bessemer lower and pickup windows faster.

Interstate 20 runs right through Bessemer on its way to Birmingham and then into Atlanta, Georgia, which is a major boon for anyone coming in or going out of the area because it’s easily accessible by auto transportation companies. Auto shippers run routes along major interstates through heavily populated and frequently-shipped-to metropolitan areas; Birmingham, Alabama fits both of those quite nicely.

Speaking of, Bessemer may be easy to get to or from, but some routes may benefit from having the pickup or delivery done in Birmingham instead of Bessemer proper. Some carriers may not be traveling down Interstate 20, and doing so would put them off-route and cost them a lot of money. Talk to your auto transport representative about possible ways to save some money on your shipment and to see if moving your pickup or delivery to Birmingham can help the cause.

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