Auto transport seems simple. You make a phone call, schedule pickup and a few days later your vehicle is delivered. But it’s not quite so simple. There are a lot of ways you can prepare for your shipment, but starting with something like an auto transport FAQ can be a great way to start.

Well, it is not that simple. Here are some things that you can do to make your auto transport experience almost as easy as above

Do clean out the interior your vehicle, who knows how much change you will find , just kidding! You do not want to leave anything of value in your as there is no insurance for personal belongings

Do a walk around of the car before the auto transporter picks up your vehicle and note any dings, dents or scratches on a piece of paper and have that paper with you when the auto transport driver shows up to do the actual inspection so that you make sure nothing is missed at that time. Remember the auto transporter may show up after dark and you don’t want to miss anything.

Do disable your car alarm and or radar detector. If they go off, the driver may not hear them and believe it or not your battery could be dead when you receive your automobile.

Some carriers have weight limits and require that your vehicle have no more than a quarter tank of gas

Do note any mechanical problems for the auto transport driver in case he has to move your car during the transport.

Remove exterior screw on antennas or retract them. Remove ski racks and place them in the trunk.

If your automobile is a convertible make sure that there are no leaks and that the seal is watertight. If not, we recommend you use an enclosed transporter.

If your car is leaking oil, transmission, brake or power steering fluid we also recommend enclosed auto transport

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order because if your car or truck becomes inoperable during the transport the auto transport company will have to charge and extra fee to winch it on or off the car carrier.

Always make sure you have the phone number of the auto transport driver and company’s main toll free phone.