Auto Shipping QuoteWhen searching for an auto shipping quote, it’s important to gather as many different quotes as possible. Getting between 5-8 different quotes from different shippers will go a long way to finding the right services at the right price.

Each auto transport quote you receive will likely be slightly different. Different companies have different methods of pricing shipments. This is why it’s important to have a variety of prices, as you can compare them and make a better decision.

While we generally say that no one auto shipping quote is better or worse than any other, sometimes it’s just not true. Read on to learn more about how comparing different quotes can save you time and money.

How to tell a good auto transport quote from a bad one

Most customers like to take a “cheaper is better” approach to shipping their vehicle. However, this is rarely the approach you want to take. A cheap auto transport quote is enticing, but if you accept an auto shipping quote that is too low your vehicle usually won’t be picked up within the standard pickup window.

This is because low quotes don’t give enough money to the truck driver. Your quotes are typically built of two separate prices: what you pay the broker, and what you pay the carrier. If a quote is too low, chances are the carrier isn’t making enough on the shipment. This is why the lowest quote likely is far from the best quote you can choose.

You should also keep in mind that the exact opposite of this is true as well. If a quote you receive seems to be higher than the rest, you could be overpaying.

While it may be tempting to choose the highest quote after learning that money is the primary motivating factor for many shippers, sometimes too high actually is too high. Providing the right auto shipping quote takes a lot of work, after all. With so many different factors going into every single price, arriving at a competitive price is more of an art than a science in this industry.

It’s no surprise that the longest-lasting companies tend to give out quotes that fall right in the middle of the pack. This means that their prices are not too low or too high, which is what you want. It’s like Goldilocks – not too low, not too high, but just right.

An auto shipping quote is more than just a price

When you get quotes from different shippers, they’ll all have literature saying why you should choose them. Even if you get a quote from us, you’ll read about the services we offer and how things work.

This is great, but it does mean you have to read a bit and do some research. Which really, you should already be planning on doing. Shipping a vehicle is not just about the price you pay, but the services that are available as well.

So when you’re gathering quotes and figuring out who you want to book with, read the quotes. Read about what services they offer. Read their terms and conditions, which most every shipper will have on their website. You should also call those different companies and speak to someone to get questions answered.

Knowing who you’re booking with, their reputation, and what services they provide is just as important as finding the best price. Take your time, do your homework, and get the most out of your shipment.

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