Tyler is a city in and the county seat of Smith County, Texas, and is actually named after President John Tyler. President Tyler was influential in getting Texas admitted to the Union, and according to the official US Census conducted in 2000 the population of the city was over 83,000. According to a more recent U.S. Census, conducted in 2010, the total population in Tyler is over 96,900. Tyler also sits as the principal city of the Tyler Metropolitan Statistical Area, which currently has a population of over 209,700 residents.

Tyler’s history is based primarily around agriculture, notably cotton; it grew thanks to the construction of railroads through the region, which allowed cotton farmers to ship their goods to other parts of the country. Today, Tyler’s economy has diversified greatly; whereas agriculture was once the dominant sector, today it is dominated not by one individual economic sector but several smaller ones, including retail, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and other service-based industries.

Average daily highs during the summer months really only reach into the low-to-mid 90’s during the day, which is fairly normal throughout the state of Texas. Overnight summer lows often drop down into the low-to-mid 70’s, again fairly consistent with weather across the state. Winter temperatures tend to drop, with average highs only reaching into the mid-to-upper 50’s and overnight lows often dropping into the upper 30’s. Snow, thankfully, is uncommon and rarely seen in Tyler as well as other parts of the region.

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