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Quincy is the county seat of Adams County, Illinois. As of 2006 the population was just over 40,000 residents. The community of Quincy is a river city, much like Venice. It was built on top of the bluffs that surround the rivers. During the 1800’s the city was a major stop on the Underground Railroad, and most refugees stopped here before making their way into Canada.

The city was founded in 1818 and was elected to the county seat of newly-formed Adams County in 1825. In the 1850’s, Mormons fleeing Missouri came to Quincy. During a period of extreme dislike for Mormons the residents of the city offered food and shelter to the Mormon excursion before they settled in nearby Nauvoo, Illinois. To this day this act of kindness is remembered, and each year the Mormon Tabernacle Choir gives a concert in honor of this.

More Details About Quincy, IL

It lies right on the border with Missouri, and because of this it is a huge center for commerce. Starting back when the Mississippi River was still used as a major transportation hub. Being situated on the Mississippi border means it is a good place to ship a car, because many carriers will be traveling on routes near by. It should be easy to arrange Quincy Auto Transport.  Fun fact: both Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas once debated in the city. Quincy is also known for its beautiful architecture like the Villa Katherine.

Like most cities in Illinois, Quincy experiences hot summers and cold winters. Average highs in summer peak around 84. While lows rarely get below 64 degrees. In the winter, however, snowfall is fairly common. Highs top out around 40 degrees, with lows well below freezing. Ice skating on the nearby lakes is a favorite pastime in the city.

Today it is unfortunately prone to floods of the Mississippi, but most of the city is protected by the bluffs that it sits on. We would advise your to ship your car to this area during the summer. Harsh winter conditions or flooding can cause major delays in the auto shipping process, because carriers cannot operate in extreme weather.

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