The city of Norwich is a city located in New London County, currently home to over 40,500 residents. Norwich is known as “The Rose of New England,” mainly due to its rustic atmosphere and its dedication to nature. The city is home to a massive park system, called Mohegan Park, and it is one of the largest parks in New England. At one point, it housed – in addition to its forested areas, picnic areas, and playgrounds – a zoo, a concession stand, a pond that was dubbed “Skating Pond,” and much more. However, the zoo and concession stand have fallen into disuse, but the park itself is maintained and kept very nice by the city.

The city was founded in 1658 by settlers leaving the town of Old Saybrook and the land was purchased from the Mohegan tribe; ten years later, the first wharf was built at Yantic Cove, and from that sprang the first manufacturing jobs. During the American Revolution, the city provided men, food, supplies and ammunition to the Continental Army, and was a huge supplier of guns and ammunition to the Americans, and after the war the city prospered as a shipping center, mainly due to the steamship service offered between New York and Boston that was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries. During the American Civil War, Norwich was instrumental in the war effort by once again providing guns and ammunition, but also provided many textiles and clothes for Union soldiers. Today, Norwich is an ethnically diverse city, mainly due to the influx of manufacturing jobs after the Civil War, and the large influx of immigrants looking for jobs, though the reliance on manufacturing has waned in recent decades.

During the summer months, average highs in Norwich tend to reach into the low-to-mid 80’s, though high humidity can make it feel hotter and muggier than it is. At the same time, overnight lows generally fall into the low 60’s, making for pleasant evenings. Winter months bring winter weather, of course, and average winter highs only reach into the upper 30’s and low 40’s, while overnight the temperatures can drop down into the low-to-mid 20’s, bringing snow – on average about 5-6 inches per month – which can cause delays in auto transport services.

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