Nogales is a small town in Arizona, and its name actually is Spanish for walnuts, with walnut trees easily found all over the town. It has a relatively small population, with only 20,000 people as of 2006, but it still serves as the Santa Cruz County seat and head of government. The city borders the Mexican city of the same name, and is actually Arizona’s largest international border town. Nogales is a popular area for companies that ship into and out of Mexico, as Interstate 19 runs right up to the border within Nogales. However, we do not do auto transport to or from Mexico here, though there are companies that are willing to do it. I-19 does also help domestic auto transportation to and from the city, which should help your price and your transit time.

The city of Nogales was originally founded as Isaacson in 1880, and it was named after its founder, Jacob Isaacson, who was a Russian trader. He established a trading post at the site, and it was renamed Nogales by the United States Postal Service in 1883, presumably to avoid confusion, although with what is unknown. Nogales is known for its agriculture and its economy is typically based around farming, with little large businesses headquartered there, although many Mexican shoppers will cross the border daily and shop in the city due to lower taxes. The city today is a major shipping hub; bordered by Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, which is near the deep sea port at Guaymas, Nogales, Arizona supplies Mexico and the world with agricultural and other products that helps contribute tens of thousands of jobs both in the U.S. and in Mexico.

The climate in Nogales is typical of most Arizonan cities, with temperatures spiking in the mid-to-high 90’s during the summer, and dropping down to the cooler mid 60’s during the winter. Lows can get around 40-50 during summer, although they’re typically much warmer than that, and the 40-50 degree mark is best reserved for the winter months. The temperatures and the climate in Arizona help to make it more appealing for auto shipping companies, and during the winter months it’s more common to see auto shippers running routes through the area due to the cooler weather and the fact that it hardly ever snows in Arizona.

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