New Haven is a city located in New Haven County, Connecticut, and is currently the second-largest city in the state by total population, and anchors the third-largest metropolitan area in Connecticut, behind Bridgeport and Hartford.

New Haven is the home of Yale University, a major boon for the city’s economy, as it is the largest employer and tax payer in the city. The city is also known as the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut,” due to its many museums, theaters and restaurants, and today tourism is a major boon for the city as well.

New Haven was first founded in 1638 and was originally Quinnipiac, after the local Native American tribe who had lived there prior to European settlement (they actually sold the land to the settlers in exchange for protection).

The name was changed in 1640. New Haven, for a time, was considered its own colony and not part of the greater Connecticut colony, though only because New Haven leaders ran an intolerant theocracy that did not allow other churches to be erected in its borders. After pressure from England during the mid-17th century, New Haven joined the Connecticut colony and the town government was altered to be more religiously tolerant.

New Haven boomed during the Civil War, mainly due to increased production of weapons and armaments, and the influx of factory jobs that the need for munitions brought. It continued in this capacity well until the 20th century and supplied our troops during both World Wars. During the latter half of the 20th century, New Haven fell into a depression thanks to the massive wave of deindustrialization that swept the nation, though today its economy has mostly recovered and the city is growing once more.

During the summer months, average daily highs in New Haven tend to reach into the low-to-mid 80’s, though temperatures in the high 90’s have been recorded. Overnight summer lows usually fall into the low-to-mid 60’s, which gives the area a cool nighttime feel.

During the winter, however, is when the weather turns cold and bitter; average highs reach only into the upper 30’s, while overnight lows tend to drop down into the low 20’s, and sometimes even into the teens. Snow is fairly common, averaging about 8 inches per month, which can cause problems for auto transport companies trying to operate in the area.

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New Haven Zip Codes Include:

06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06505, 06506, 06507, 06508, 06509, 06510, 06511, 06512, 06513, 06514, 06515, 06518, 06519, 06520, 06521, 06525, 06530, 06531, 06532, 06533, 06534, 06535, 06536, 06537, 06538, 06540