Lake Havasu City is a city in the Arizona county of Mojave. It lies right on the banks of Lake Havasu, and was actually built as a planned community, and it was formed and planned around an old mining town that had sprung up during one of the many gold rushes during the previous century. Mainly a tourist attraction, the city has a clean reputation and many people go there to fish on the lake or enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Lake Havasu City is relatively isolated, however, which can make it more difficult for carriers to get to and from the region, which is why auto transport prices tend to be a bit higher to and from Lake Havasu City than some of the larger cities in Arizona.

The area began as an Army Air Corps training ground and rest camp during the Second World War. The city was formally established in early 1963, and according to census bureau records, the city today has a population just over 56,000. Lake Havasu City is a popular part destination; the city enjoys huge influxes of partying university-goers who like to head out on the lake during Spring Break and party. It’s unusually hot during the summer, but the lake helps to regulate temperatures, and like most desert winters it’s typically mild, with cold nights and warmer days.

The city has the unique reputation of being the home of the London Bridge, which is the actual London Bridge completed in 1831. It was bought by Robert McCulloch in 1964 as a tourist attraction to help sell his out-of-the-way town of Lake Havasu City, and the stunt was a great success. The bridge itself was sold because it could not support the weight of modern traffic and needed to be replaced; McCulloch bought it, and it now rests over an 8ft deep, man-made section of river that was built to accommodate the bridge.

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