Kingsville is a city in as well as the county seat of Kleberg County, Texas, and according to the official 2010 US Census the city’s population was over 26,000, indicating growth from the last census conducted in 2000. Kingsville sits as the principal city of the Kingsville Micropolitan Statistical Area, which in turn is a part of the larger Corpus Christi-Kingsville Combined Statistical Area; the latter has a population of just over 500,000 residents.

Kingsville was founded in 1904 and was named after a local ranch owner, Captain Richard King. The city’s original economy was greatly dependent on agriculture and it was well known for its production of cattle, cotton and sorghum. Since the end of World War II, however, the area has been the home of Naval Air Station Kingsville, a major US Navy jet training center, and this has had a major impact on the city’s growth and development since its opening. Today, Kingsville is like many other U.S. cities in that much of its economy is now based on different service-based industries, primarily retail.

During the summer months, average daily highs in Kingsville tend to reach into the low-to-mid 90;s during the day, with lows often dropping down into the mid-to-upper 70’s overnight. During the winter months, however, temperatures tend to reach into the low-to-mid 60’s during the day, with lows often dropping down into the low 40’s overnight. Snow is rarely seen in Kingsville, as is the case with many cities in Texas, and this helps to keep prices down during the winter months, when the industry has slowed down and there are less people shipping vehicles.

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