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Are you looking to arrange Hinesville Auto Transport? Then you’ve come to the right place. First, let us give you a little background on the city itself.

Hinesville is a city in and the county seat of Liberty County, Georgia. According to the official US Census conducted in 2000 the city’s population was over 30,000. It is the principal city of the Hinesville-Fort Stewart Metropolitan Statistical Area. Which includes all of Liberty County. Fun fact: it was the home of several signors of the Declaration of Independence. Button Gwinnett once lived there, what a name! Lyman Hall also lived there. Finally, George Walton was once a resident of Hinesville.

During the summer months the city’s temperatures typically hit around 95 degrees during the day. With overnight lows often dropping down to around 65 degrees. During the winter months, however, temperatures typically hit around 68 degrees during the day with lows often dropping down to around 40 degrees overnight.

Tourist Activities in Hinesville, Georgia

Hinesville was founded in 1754, so there is a lot of historical sites to see in the area. Most popular is the Fort Stewart Military Museum, because it hosts an impressive collection of military objects. They display uniforms, artillery and photographs from major wars. Most notably Word War II.  You can learn everything about the 3d Infantry Division founded in 1917, one of the first successful early military divisions. They are famously known for their mascot who is a bulldog named Rocky.

Another popular historical site near Hinesville is The Old Liberty County Jail. It certainly is very old, it was founded in 1882. It was in operation until 1972, so just over one hundred years of history can be explored on the grounds. There have actually been three different buildings on the grounds over the years. The cells are still outfitted with the real beds used by those unlucky enough to be housed there. As with most historic prisons, it is rumored to be haunted. Several paranormal investigations have taken place there, because they have been invited to spend the night. If you happen to be there in October, a local non-profit turns the Old Liberty County Jail into a haunted house.

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