Gainesville is a town in Sumter County, Alabama, and currently is incorporated as a town – it is the third-largest town in Alabama. The town’s population was only 220, and according to the Census Bureau Gainesville had a total of only 1.7 square miles of land. The town today is primarily rural, and based heavily around agriculture and tourism; it is home to over 36 places on the list of National Historic Sites, which it parlays into a decent revenue stream. Gainsville has slowly been growing, though its population has remained relatively stable in recent years.

Gainsville was once one of the largest cities in all of Alabama, though this was of course before the end of the American Civil War. Gainesville gained a reputation as a plantation town, with vast swaths of land given over to agriculture – which still persists to this day. However, that reliance on agriculture naturally stunted the town’s growth; today, home to just over 200 residents, Gainesville is hardly a blip on the map. However, it is a popular tourist site, particularly for tourists of Tuscaloosa, which sits about an hour northeast of Gainesville.

It is located in the northern portion of Sumter County, which is located on the western border of the state of Alabama. During the summer months the city’s temperature hit around 90 degrees during the day, with overnight lows dropping to around 70 degrees. During the winter, temperatures cool, with highs topping out around 70 degrees and lows dropping to around 46 degrees overnight.

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