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Freeport is a city in and the county seat of Stephenson County, Illinois. According to the official US Census conducted in the year 2010 the city’s population was over 25,638. The city is currently a part of the greater Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area. The current mayor of the city is Jodi Miller, who was elected in 2017.

The city was incorporated in the early 19th century and was named the county seat of Stephenson County in 1837. It was the site of the second debate between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln in 1858. Which allowed Lincoln to win the Senate seat and in 1860 win the presidency, because of this many statues of Lincoln can be found in the city.

Fun fact: the nickname for Freeport is Pretzel City USA, because many German immigrants settled there popularizing the snack. Most noticeably, Billerbeck Baker established way back in 1869. So, make sure you don’t leave town without trying a famous delicious pretzel.

More Facts About Freepoint, Illinois

Freeport is also the home of the oldest Carnegie Library in Illinois. In 2017, the city celebrated its 162 anniversary. As part of the celebration Carnegie Library was actually renovated and turned into the new city hall building for Freeport, IL.  It was a popular decision, because now the locals can joke they are headed down to “Carnegie Hall.”

Although it is a pretty small city, it is only an hour away from Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee. Being in close proximity to a major metropolitan areas will make Freeport Auto Transport easy to arrange. Auto transport carriers pick up and drop off a lot of cars in Chicago, so they will likely be available for a nearby shipment to or from Freeport.

During the summer months, temperatures in the city hit around 84 degrees during the day. With overnight lows often dropping down to around 60 degrees overnight. During the winter months, temperatures typically hit around 34 degrees during the day. With overnight lows often dropping down to around 12 degrees. Be wary of shipping your car during the winter, because rates will go up.

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