Dothan is a city in and the county seat of Houston County, Alabama. According to the official US Census conducted in 2000 the population of the city was over 65,000, making it the largest city in the region. It is the principal city of the Dothan Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Geneva, Henry and Houston counties. Dothan is located in the southeastern area of Alabama, close to the Florida Panhandle and cities such as Tallahassee, which can be seen in the daily influences the larger cities nearby have on Dothan and the surrounding area.

The city of Dothan was founded in the early 1830’s by settlers looking for two things: to harvest the abundant forests in the American South while also having a place to live. Originally the city didn’t pan out; despite its founding so early, the ciy fizzled and was all but abandoned by the outbreak of the American Civil War. During Reconstruction, however, residents began to transform the town and in turn it began to thrive; by the turn of the 20th century, Dothan had a rail line in place, which saw further expansion and development. Today, the city is a typical American city, with an economy based partially on retail, partially on agriculture, and partially on a lot of other different commercial and industrial ventures. Lumber is still a fairly large export of the city, and has been almost since its founding.

During the summer months temperatures in the city typically hit around 93 degrees during the day, with overnight lows typically dropping down to around 67 degrees. During the winter months, however, temperatures typically hit around 60 degrees during the day, with overnight lows often dropping down to around 36 degrees. Its location in southeastern Alabama makes it a bit more difficult for carriers to get to or from the area; Tallahassee, which is fairly close, may be a better option, as it’s larger and has a major interstate running right through it, allowing easy access for auto transportation companies.

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