Daphne is a city in Baldwin County, Alabama, and according to the official US Census conducted in 2000 the city’s population was over 16,000. It is located just 11 miles east of Mobile and 150 miles south of Montgomery, the state capital. It is both the largest city in Baldwin County and a principal city in the Daphne-Fairhope-Foley Micropolitan Statistical area, which includes all of Baldwin County. Today, Daphne is a thriving suburb of Mobile, the only saltwater port in Alabama, and today Daphne is known as the “Jubilee City.”

It was officially established in 1874 and was named the county seat in 1868 after the previous seat was demolished during the Civil War. It was incorporated in 1927 and remained the county seat until it moved – again – to Bay Minette and hasn’t moved since. Daphne as a city was incorporated in 1927, with a population of just 500 at the time. Electrification of Daphne and the growth of Mobile have contributed to its continued growth even today; the city has been growing steadily since its incorporation, and today is a thriving suburb of Mobile.

During the summer months temperatures typically hit around 90 degrees during the day, with overnight lows often dropping down to around 70 degrees. During the winter, however, temperatures typically top out around 60 degrees during the day, with lows often dropping down to around 37 degrees overnight. The city has seen its fair share of hurricanes, as well, particularly during the summer and fall months; however, it has been spared from catastrophic damage so far, as the hurricanes tend to weaken before they make landfall and then weaken further before they hit Daphne.

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