Canton is a city in and the largest city of Fulton County, Illinois. Currently home to a population of over 15,200 residents, Canton is the largest city in Fulton County by population, though the county seat belongs to Lewistown. Canton anchors the Canton micropolitan statistical area, which spans all of Fulton County and is home to over 37,000 residents. In addition to anchoring its own micropolitan area, Canton is also a part of the Peoria-Canton, Illinois Combined Statistical Area, home to over 379,000 residents spread out over five counties.

The city of Canton, Illinois was founded in 1825 by Isaac Swan, and thanks to the many coal mines in the area the city grew, if not all that fast. It was a mining town for quite some time, and the economic prosperity the mines brought encouraged other economic growth; by the mid-20th century Canton had turned into a minor manufacturing town, but by the turn of the 21st century it’s manufacturing base has mostly evaporated, as with many smaller cities in the northern states. Today, Canton’s economy is based much more on retail and other service-based jobs as opposed to mining and manufacturing.

During the summer temperatures typically hit around 84 degrees during the day, with lows often dropping down to around 60 degrees overnight. During the winter, however, average highs typically hit around 40 degrees during the day, with overnight lows often dropping down to around 30 degrees. This tends to bring the snow and ice, which can cause delays in auto transportation services and problems with loading and unloading cargo as well as maneuvering through the wintry conditions. This in turn causes higher prices and lower carrier availability during the winter, so keep that in mind when shipping a vehicle during the winter into or out of Canton, Illinois.

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