Wheeling is a city in as well as the county seat of Ohio County, West Virginia. Home to over 28,000 residents in the city proper, Wheeling is an important city in the state of West Virginia economically and is the principal city of the Wheeling Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 147,900 residents. Wheeling is today a modern American city, with a diverse – if not small – economy that was once reliant on manufacturing but its major industries now include education, healthcare, retail, and energy, among others.

Founded in 1769, Wheeling was a first settled while Virginia was still under British control, and after the Revolution grew into a major city in the Commonwealth of Virginia after it became a U.S. state. This was due mainly to the city being at the epicenter of three major roads and railroads, which prompted manufacturing in Wheeling to boom. After West Virginia became a state in 1863, Wheeling was selected as the state’s first capital, though it was moved to Charleston in 1865, a scant two years after statehood. Today, Wheeling is a small but thriving part of the West Virginia Panhandle.

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