West Fargo is a city in Cass County, North Dakota, and is currently the fifth-largest city in the state of North Dakota by population, with a resident count of over 29,800 as of the latest (2013 US Census Bureau estimates. Located just west of Fargo, the largest city in the state of North Dakota (as its name implies), West Fargo has emerged as a popular alternative to urban North Dakota living, and the population has increased steadily since its founding, the largest of which came between 2000 and 2010.

West Fargo was officially founded in 1926, with incorporation coming sometime in the 1930’s, as the first official US Census Bureau records for West Fargo date back to the 1940 US Census. Because of its size and location – medium-sized with room to grow and adjacent to a major metropolitan area in the region – West Fargo has done a good job attracting new businesses, particularly technology corporations such as BNG Technologies and Applied Industrial Technologies. Though outside of West Fargo is primarily rural land given over to farming and other types of agricultural production, West Fargo itself is slowly starting to resemble a modern American city, complete with strip malls, fast food chains, grocery store outlets and an emphasis on service industries.

During the summer months, temperatures tend to stay somewhat cool despite the season, with average highs only reaching into the low-to-mid 80’s during the day and dropping down into the mid-to-upper 50’s. During the winter is when auto transport prices tend to go up and carrier availability plummets, because it starts snowing something fierce and the winters in North Dakota tend to be pretty brutal on a recurring basis. Average highs in the winter months only reach into the upper teens and low 20’s, while overnight lows can fall down into single-digit temperatures. Snow, as mentioned, is also fairly common in the winter months, with accumulation upwards of 10 inches per month during the depths of the season.

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