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Juneau is a city in and the state capital of the state of Alaska, and according to official US Census Bureau estimates gathered in 2007 the population of the city was just over 30,000. It is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware combined and, more recently, talks of replacing Juneau as the state capital have emerged, though no consensus has been reached regarding the shift.

It was named after gold prospector Joe Juneau, though for some time after its founding it was known as Rockwell and, later, Harrisburg. It has actually been the capital of the state of Alaska since 1906, when it was known as the Alaska Territory and was originally a municipality. The municipality unified in 1970 when Juneau merged with the city of Douglas.

During the summer months temperatures typically hit around 64 degrees during the day, with lows often dropping down to around 48 degrees overnight. During the winter months, however, temperatures typically hit around 30 degrees during the day, with lows typically dropping down to around 20 degrees overnight, and snowfall is heavy during the winter months.