Roswell is a city in as well as the county seat of Chaves County, New Mexico, currently home to a population of over 48,400 residents. This population count makes Roswell the fifth-largest city in the state, and Roswell today is a major center of irrigation farming and dairy product cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution and warehousing, ranching, and, since the late 1940’s, tourism in the form of alien-lovers. Roswell was the site of the infamous “Roswell UFO Incident,” where a secret military balloon, part of Operation Mogul and sent up to detect seismic sound waves from Soviet atomic bomb tests, crashed, and the subsequent Cold War-era cover up led to many conspiracies of UFO’s and aliens. Today, Roswell is a burgeoning city in the New Mexican desert. 

Founded in the late 1870’s, Roswell was a sleepy and quiet area inhabited by only a few sparse settlers. When a natural aquifer was discovered under Roswell in 1890, the area experienced its first population boom, and continued to expand after a railroad was built through the area in 1893. Growth was slow but steady until the outbreak of World War II, when a prisoner-of-war camp was built nearby. German prisoners were used to upgrade the infrastructure of Roswell at this time. Roswell was also the home of Walker Air Force Base until its decommissioning in 1967; this was when Roswell’s focus shifted to that of a retirement community tourism destination.

Roswell sits in a semi-arid climate, but has four distinct seasons, with the two most extreme being summer and winter. During the summer months, average highs in Roswell reach into the low-to-mid 90’s, a dry heat that many long-time residents find pleasant. Overnight lows usually fall down into the low-to-mid 60’s. Winter tends to bring colder temperatures, with average highs reaching into the high 50’s and low 60’s with overnight lows often dropping into the upper 20’s and lower 30’s. The average temperature in Roswell, year-round, is 75 degrees.

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